Quick tips for a less stressful flight


Spring break is fast approaching and vacationers are working hard to plan their summer travels and adventures. There are many different ways to travel and we have tips that will help ensure a pleasant trip.

With technology constantly evolving, booking trips online is increasing in popularity. If this is a route you choose, you are encouraged to turn your browser to private. By doing this, the airline cannot see that you are repeatedly searching for the same flight and, thus, boost up the price.

There is another option if you have limited time to do research. There are apps such that will do the work for you. One such app is known as Hopper and it has been proven to be effective time and time again. This app allows users to search where they are planning on going and sit back and wait for the results. A notification will be sent to the users phone as soon as a flight is set at a good price. This is due to all the analyzers that are working hard to make sure people are able to fly without having to spend their life’s savings. The flight can be books through the app or directly through the airline. Hopper does charge a small fee for using their services to book a flight. It is estimated that online shoppers commonly pay 5% more than they should. It may not appear like a sufficient amount but it adds up quickly. The creators of the app believe that they can save travelers approximately 10% or higher on their flights.

When the flight has been booked there are always lines in the airport to look forward to. It should go without saying that waiting in lines could be one of the most daunting tasks in terms of traveling. There are many benefits to paying for TSA pre-check. The $85 fee is valid for five years. Some credit cards will offer to pay the fee by using their card. This is not always the case but it is always worth looking into.

Then there are dreaded layovers that seem to last a lifetime. As a traveler, I have to say that sitting in an airport for a long layover is incredibly boring.  However, there is a solution. There are lounges available to help solve this and they are no longer just for the first class traveler. They often offer free snacks, WiFi, and drinks.

In order to be more relaxed while flying or driving to your next destination, Hotel Tonight is a free app that is worth looking into. This app is free and gives travelers the opportunity to check out deals at local hotels. Hotels are rated on a scale from solid-luxury and will show the discount that is available.

Experts will say there is no benefit to upgrading your flight unless you are a frequent flyer. It is best to stay loyal to one airline and using a credit card that works with the airline side by side. There is also no best time to shop for airlines. There is also no best day to research flight.

To enjoy nice flight prices go to http://www.skyscanner.com/

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More pictures…

Below you can find more pictures from my stay in Uyghur — absolutely fabulous!!

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Hello World – My first post

Dear Visitor,

Thank you for taking your time to visit our page and read this blog.

As you might have read on my about page, what I want to achieve with this page is to provide information about the Uyghur region and its people. As a traveler I am going to share my experiences and suggestions to fellow travelers who are considering to embark on a journey to the Far East.

I also want to shed some light on important topics in their community – such as drug use and HIV transmission.


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